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You are not able to control it for long... It comes out TOO SOON...Your girl is NO more interested in sex. She lost interest in making love with you... she feels unsatisfied at the end of sexual activity…she can’t reach orgasm...Then you must be suffering from one of the most debilitating and embarrassing sexual disorder “Premature ejaculation”. Premature ejaculation refers to the continual or recurrent discharge of semen with minimal sexual stimulation before, on or shortly after penetration before the person expects it. It may hamper the health of an individual physically as well as mentally. Thus don’t let premature ejaculation ruin your relationship and life. Now you can overcome it with the right and effective natural product.

Unlock The Secret to LAST LONGER in Bed by Overcoming the Irresistible Urge to Ejaculate with the SUPERCHARGING Natural Formula- DELAY PILLS!

Delay is the top rated and most remarkable natural product that consists of herbs which can control the hormones that cause “extreme excitement” during sexual act. Moreover it calms the spasticity of your nerves that cause the overwhelming urge to ejaculate. The multiple sexual benefits of Delay make it BEST and BETTER than other anti-premature ejaculation products:

Delay helps protracting the duration of sexual act and provides a better lovemaking experience for both the partners

Delay helps you gain incredible control over ejaculation process.

Delay can help achieve multiple episodes in a single night

Delay effectively address the causes of premature ejaculation thereby helping them permanently and naturally.

Delay boosts your confidence in bed

Delay supports stamina, performance, desire and retention power

Delay helps you to enjoy pleasurable sexual session

Delay strengthens and tones the sexual glands

Delay supports the healthy production of sex hormones

Delay can support making your recovery time faster after ejaculation

Delay delivers long lasting results with ZERO side-effects

Delay is endorsed with 60 days money back guarantee

Christian, USA
I started facing ejaculation problem since 8 months which were gone like hell. My girlfriend made fun of me in front of my friends which was really horrible and distressing for me. I had gone in depression and confined myself in my house. At that time, my dad supported me and brought DELAY PILLS. It worked like a miracle for me- I gained a natural control over my ejaculation. My penetration time has been improved a lot. Now I can go to bed without having any fear of ejaculating too soon.

DELAY PILLS- An Improved YOU with Better CONTROL... Enhanced STAMINA... Great Performance!

Delay pills are a fine quality, non hormonal natural product which consist of active ingredients that have been extracted from useful medicinal plants all over the world. These plants were proved to be highly valuable, safe, and powerful by researchers worldwide. Delay is an herbal sexual augmentation product that helps extending your time to climax and helps controling rapid ejaculation. It will give you a revitalized sexual life together with a new improved confidence.

"Delay – The Real Defeater... Helps You Delaying the penetration time"

Delay contradicts the most popular myth that premature ejaculation is a permanent sexual dysfunction which can’t be helped. When the diseases like cancer and AIDS can be controlled why not premature ejaculation?

A team of well-renowned herbalists and doctors minutely studied the causes, symptoms and effect of premature ejaculation on sufferers before coming up with natural solution - Delay. That is the reason why Delay acts on the root cause of the sexual issue thereby helping it naturally i.e.

It helps decreasing the hyperactivity of sexual sensors responsible for causing ejaculation and thus delay the penetration time

It monitors the functions of hypothalamic sensors of the brain which are responsible for sexual excitement

It helps regulating the process of ejaculation through neuroendocrine pathway

Delay pills are the only natural pills which help prolonging sexual intercourse that deliver excellent results without causing a SINGLE side-effect.

Reliable and Guaranteed Help to Your PE Problem...
Dr. Jim A. Morgan
Sex therapist

According to my clinical experience and medical career, 5 out of every 10 men experience early ejaculation problem. I had counseled and helped countless men with PE with different “lotions and potions” but found Delay pills to be the most effective and safe natural help. Delay is an all natural product that has been carefully designed to help PE sufferers of all ages.

Most of my patients reported to have pleasurable and satisfying sexual life after using Delay. I strongly recommend this natural product to all PE sufferers as it as ZERO side-effects.

Science Behind This Incredibly Effective Product:

When a man gets sexually aroused whether by sight or physical contact, hormones are secreted in the brain that dilates blood vessels in the penis causing erection. At this stage men who ejaculate rapidly suffer from hormonal imbalance. Moreover certain studies revealed that men with low levels of serotonin are more likely to suffer from premature ejaculation or PE. Serotonin is a vital neurotransmitter in the brain that monitors functions like sexual appetite, mood and sensory perception.

Delay is a natural product that helps you achieve an overall high level of serotonin by acting as a serotonin precursor. It helps delaying your ejaculation time and improves sexual performance in bed.

Grab Multiple Benefits By Spending LESS!!

DELAY is a cost-effective product which costs less than $1 per pill. DELAY when ordered in bulk offers huge savings. However most of the other similar products are highly expensive and risky too.

Impress your partner today by staying longer than usual. Order Delay Pills NOW!

"Creams, oils, drugs- nothing worked for me instead made me suffer from a number of side-effects. Then I tried Delay pills which have given me a complete control over my ejaculation. Thanks a lot!! " read more
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